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Marina Del Rey Florists Specialize in Exotic & Tropical Flower Arrangements.
Beautiful and colorful exotic plants add a special touch to your flower arrangements at home, garden, wedding, or banquet.
If you want to add a splash  of color to your flower arrangements, make use of the wild and exotic flowers such as heliconia,
lotuses, birds of paradise, orchids, ginger, and palm.

Bird of Paradise
There are few exotic plants more impressive than the bird of paradise. A native of South Africa (where it is called the crane plant), the bird of  paradise can now be found all over the world, a result of its obvious beauty. Standing as much as two meters tall, the bird of paradise is commonly used by Marina Del Rey Florist for ornamental purposes.

Hawaiian flowers
As with anything to do with Hawaiian culture, Hawaiian flowers are very  popular at the moment and Marina Del Rey Florist has a magic touch with these arrangements. Hawaiian flowers are especially good if you are trying to give your house a tropical feel, and are sure to be the perfect exotic plant to give your flower arrangement a carefree, summery look. And there are few plants more exotic and unique than a Hawaiian lava plant, grown on the Big Island right  on the lava stone. The main kinds of lava plants you want to look for are bromeliad and anthurium lava plants. Most anthurium plants have a heart shaped flower that is so bright it looks like glossy paint. Donít settle for roses and tulips; they have been done to death. What could be more romantic and memorable than a heart shaped potted anthurium plant?

All of our florists at Marina Del Rey love to work with Orchids which are also the most popular exotic plants. The reason for this is many that people think they are simply the most beautiful exotic plant in the world.  Orchids are also surprisingly easy to grow, and the blooms of live plants last for weeks or even months. Even though orchids are extremely popular, there are  so many different kinds of orchids, you can easily pick orchids as your exotic  plants without too much fear that you are just following the crowd. Indeed, there are literally thousands upon thousands of different varieties of flowering orchids.

Let Marina Dey Rey Florist bring exotic flowers into your home or office.  They are an easy way to make an impressive and unique design statement.